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Osprey Charter's Southwind. Barcelona, NY, USA

"Divers" Travis Clower & Wayne Rush
 "Sea Testing" the Southwind's New Engines.

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June 11, 2005

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----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, May 30, 2005 8:25 PM
Subject: Southwind

Hello everyone,

Just a word to update you on the Southwind.

As you may know we repowered the good ole Southwind this winter and did a lot of other updates as well. Everything went well right up to the time of launch in April. We fired up the new engines and pulled it out of the launch slip into the Southwind slip and in that short time the antifreeze filled the crankcase and was squirting out of the dipsticks on both engines. After a few real bad words we got busy and took the boat back out and had the crane come back and lifted the engines back out and sent them back to Texas where they came from. They found and corrected the problem in short order and we got them back on Friday, the 27th. And again the crane put them back in and we worked over the weekend to get everything back in order. Iím happy to report that everything went very well. We sea trailed it today(Monday) and it performed better than I had expected. We now cruise at 26kts. As opposed to 16-18kts.with better fuel economy. We went to the Boland that would usually take 25 min.,today we got there in 12 min. And if you want to water ski it tops out at 34kts.

I also want to say that I could not ask for better help. This gigantic task would have not been possible without my son Jim and my loyal first mate Mike. I canít thank them enough for all their help and dedication.

Hope to see you out soon.



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