Unknown Schooner
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Unknown Schooner
LOCATION: Eastern Lake Erie. ~ 10 Miles [16km] N.E. of Dunkirk, NY, USA
DIVE CHARTER: Osprey Dive Charters. Barcelona, NY
LIES: Upright on mud bottom. 
DEPTH: 75' [23m]
TYPE: Two-mast schooner
CARGO: None?
DIMENSIONS: 75' [23m] Length x ~20' [6m] beam .
Gary Kozack and Jim Herbert Located this site during the 2006 season. It is one of three similar targets in this general location. Moderate to Heavy zebra mussel infestation. The site appears to be an empty hull with no sign of mast, bowsprit or rigging, other than 3-4 heavily encrusted objects, presumed to be dead eyes, on the starboard, forward rail. The hull, rail, and planking are intact on the port and starboard sides. The decking is missing. Several deck beams are in place, located aft. No center posts were present. No cargo was apparent, within a hands reach, beneath the mud bottom. The bow is very rounded. Estimate the forward rail sits ~5'-7' [1.5-2m] above the bottom.  An anchor hangs from the starboard rail, stock pointing down, hanging outboard. There is no indication of a windlass, anchor chain, or tow post. The centerboard is located forward. No trace of the means used to raise it. The stern disappears into the bottom. I did not observe a rudder or steering mechanism. A pump is located on the port side near the last in place deck beam. A good amount of line is draped about the wreck, presumed to be fishing net remnants. Diving this one left us will many questions: if she was a barge, where are the tow post? If she was salvaged, why did they leave the anchor? Why was the windlass removed?

A Rough Model of the Site by Jack Papes.
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