S.F. Gale
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Steven F. Gale
LOCATION: Western Lake Erie 18 mi [13 km] off Cleveland, Ohio, USA
LIES: Upright on/under mud bottom. 
CONDITION: Broken at bow and stern. Otherwise intact. 
DEPTH: 70' [21m]
TYPE: 2 masted schooner
BUILT: 1847 at Chicago, IL USA.
LOST: Floundered in a storm November 28, 1876. All hands lost.
CARGO: Stone
DIMENSIONS: 122'-6" [37m] Length x 24' [7m] beam x 9'-9" [3m] .
Silted to deck. Light zebra mussel infestation. Site has many points of interest. The bow holds a windlass with chain running to a hawse pipe. Moving aft, the capstan resembles a tree stump, uprooted lying on its side on the deck. The forward hold contains what appears to be a spool of chain. The decking remains in place underneath scattered piles of large stone cargo. A deck winch, tow post and mast hole exist aft of the forward hold, followed by a second hold and the pump. The cabin area, less cabin, holds a stove. The stern is collapsed. The rudder remains exposed and upright. Both port and starboard rails are intact with the deadeyes still in place. Well worth the trip. Dive Conditions July 30, 2006: Visibility a dark and hazy 10 feet [3m], Bottom Temp 56 F [13 C], Topside sunny, lake was as smooth as glass.

Very Rough Sketch of the Site by Jack Papes
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