Brigantine C
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"Schooner C" (unknown Brigantine)
LOCATION: Eastern Lake Erie off Dunkirk, NY, USA
DIVE CHARTER: Osprey Dive Charters. Barcelona, NY
LIES: Upright on mud bottom.
CONDITION: Apparently Intact. 90% under fine silt bottom.
DEPTH: 100-115' [31-35m]
TYPE: Brigantine

DIMENSIONS: ~124' [38m] Length x ~18'-24' [6-8m] beam at exposed portion of stern.
(per G. Wachter survey 7/23/05)
Moderate to heavy zebra mussel infestation. Stern offers highest relief. Estimate the deck of the stern castle is ~10' [1-3m] off of bottom. 3 hatches and a wheel pedestal are present here. At least eight square double pained windows exist on the transom at the mud line. Starboard rail is completely exposed. Remaining deck and 90% of port rail is silted. At the bow, a large anchor with stock is located on the starboard deck. A second anchor appears to be buried in the bottom off of the port bow. Forward the stem, a zebra mussel encrusted, member protrudes from the mud -- perhaps an ornately carved figure head lies beneath...? Anchor chain remains wrapped on the drum of the windlass. The top of the samson post? is ornated with a rolled piece of sheet metal -- green oxidation revealed in flash photos suggest this material is copper or similar. Overall, it appears that a relatively untouched shipwreck lies underneath a whole lot of lake bottom. [Note to Santa: please scratch the side scan sonar in favor of a sand dredge...]

Rough Sketch of Site by Jack Papes
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