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"Schooner G" (unknown)
LOCATION: Eastern Lake Erie off Barcelona, NY, USA
LIES: Upright on mud bottom. 
CONDITION: Completely Intact.
DEPTH: 150-165' [46-50m]
TYPE: Two-masted Schooner.
DIMENSIONS (estimated): ~90' [27m] Length x ~20' [6m] beam.
Photos on this page were posted September 13, 2008 and show the considerable impact that this site has felt from diving since the original post 3 years prior. I am unaware of the full details, but the site is currently being excavated by a group that I understand to be in New York. The roof planking has been removed from the cabin, and stacked neatly along the port side. Silt has been evacuated from the forward cabin area. Excavation (perhaps erosion) is also apparent around the hull of the vessel at the mud line. The deck silt has been removed, and mussels have been clean from numerous areas.  The aft cabin remains silted in. A chair or table leg, once located here, has been relocated to the transom, just aft of the tiller post. I can only hope that this work is being conducted under the supervision of a licensed archeologist and would be interested to know the permit number in order to follow up on any findings.

Rough Sketch of Site by Jack Papes.

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