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LOCATION: Lake Huron. ~16 mi [26 km] out off Harbor Beach, MI, USA

DIVE CHARTER: Great Lakes Odyssey.

TYPE: Schooner, Four Masts

LIES: Upright on hard bottom.


CARGO: Wheat

DIMENSIONS: 245' [75m] x 36' [11m] x 15' [5m]

BUILT: 1890, Kingston, Ont. (largest sailing vessel built in Canada)
Launch of the Minnedosa April 26, 1890 (Marine Museum of the Great Lakes)Minnedosa (Marine Museum of the Great Lakes)

LOST: Oct 20, 1905

LOSS DETAILS: Foundered in a massive storm while under tow by steamer Westmount.
All hands lost (9).
Westmount - Great Lakes

DEPTH: 180-210 ft

NOTES:   One big schooner with a lot to see. The bow contains a very large windlass, anchors, and belaying pin laden fife racks. The bowsprit is missing.  The deck is littered with masts and rigging. At the stern, the cabin lies collapsed and ajar on the deck. It over hangs the port rail a bit. Evidence of the integrity of those who dive her, several artifacts are displayed here. The wheel is in place and looms massive. The yawl lies on the bottom at the port, aft corner. Another breath taking dive. Plan accordingly.

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September 1, 2008

Thumb Area Wreck Sites: |Commodore Foote| |Dunderberg| |Minnedosa| |Morrell|

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