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Thumb Area Wreck Sites: |Commodore Foote| |Dunderberg| |Minnedosa| |Morrell|
Bow Looking Aft. Photo of Site by Jack Papes
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LOCATION: Lake Huron. ~5 mi [8 km] out off Harbor Beach, MI, USA

DIVE CHARTER: Great Lakes Odyssey.

TYPE: Schooner, Three Masts

LIES: Upright on hard bottom.

Three Masted Schooner

CONDITION: Intact, except for port collision damage and collapsing stern decking.

CARGO: Corn, 6 passengers

DIMENSIONS: 186' [57m] x 33' [10m] x 13' [4m]

BUILT: 1867, J. M. Jones, Detroit

LOST: Aug 13, 1868

LOSS DETAILS: Night collision with steamer Empire State. The mate of the Empire State was faulted in the collision, which took the life of a female passenger.

DEPTH: 130-150 ft [40-46m]

NOTES:   As I type this, several hundred wreck dives since first diving her, despite the increasing colonyPort Stern. Photo by Jack Papes Photo by Jack Papes of the zebra mussels, the Dunderberg still stands proudly amongst the top sites in waters that I believe hold the finest shipwreck diving in existence.  Mid mast still standing. Her anchors still hang, on the port and starboard bow, where her masters stowed them 140 years ago. Dead eyes and mast rings are still in place. The deck is littered with rigging. Her bow sprit still stands true, rigging in place. Her crown jewel is her figurehead in the form of an alligator. Simply a must see.


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Thumb Area Wreck Sites: |Commodore Foote| |Dunderberg| |Minnedosa| |Morrell|

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