Howard "the cat"

June 1995-December 2005

See you on the other side, my faithful friend.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Subject: Howard the Cat

I dedicate this page to the memory of my faithful companion. An ever present fixture, on my desk, at my feet. My silent partner, so to speak, in putting these pages together. 

With this post, I close a very sad day. Today, I had to put my good friend, Howard, down.

Saturday morning, he was running around conducting mischief as usual. By this morning, he couldn't even walk up the steps.

The vet said he had a human strain of Leukemia too advanced to treat. I stayed with him until the end.

This afternoon, I buried him out in the backyard that he was forever trying to sneak out into.

Through some very tough times these past years, he was always there to cheer me up .  

Always provided a warm welcome, as I drug myself back into the house, no matter how long or short the dive excursion.

He will be sorely missed...


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