HMCS Yukon (DDE 263)

Body of Water: Pacific Ocean

Site Quality: Gold Stars

Site side scan

Vessel Type: Destroyer - Mackenzie Class

Built: 1961 at North Vancouver, British Columbia CA

Length x Beam x Depth ft [m]: 366' x 42'x 13.5'   [111.6] x [12.8] x [4.1]

Tonnage: 2880 Gross

Official Number: DDE 263

Other Names: None

Loss Details:

Scuttled as an artificial reef and dive site off of San Diego, CA USA.

Date of Loss: July 15, 2000

Location of Loss: San Diego, CA USA

Site Details:

The Yukon is intact, lying on her port side.

Highlights: Deck Structure, Gun Turrets, Swim Throughs.

Dive Depth ft [m]: 90'-100' [27.4-30.5]


HMCS Yukon (263) / Mackenzie-class destroyer escort

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