Package Frieghter Kamloops

Body of Water: Lake Superior

Site Quality: Gold Stars

Site Plan by Nationl Park Service

Vessel Type: Package Frieghter

Built: 1924 by Furness Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. at Haverton Hill-on-Tees, Great Britain

Length x Beam x Depth ft [m]: 250' x 42.75'x 26.5'   [76.2] x [13.03] x [8.08]

Tonnage: 2402 Gross, 1748 Net

Official Number: 147682

Other Names: None

Loss Details:

Foundered off Isle Royale, Lake Superior, ~December 7, 1927, with all hands; twenty lives lost. Was bound from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, for Fort William, Ontario, with general cargo. Her exact location remained a mystery until the site was discovered by Ken Engelbrecht on August 21, 1977 and positively identified from photos taken by Ken Merryman on September 6, 1977.
A detailed history of the Kamloops, along with the output of the archaeological survey conducted by the U.S. National Park Service, is published in a report entitled "Submerged Cultural Resources Study: Isle Royal National Park", which I have included a link to the original archive copy of under the below bibliography heading. For the convenience of those reading this, here is a link to an excerpted pdf of containing this wealth of information: Kamloops Info. Excerpted from NPS Submerged Cultural Resources Study.

Site Details:

The KAMLOOPS lies on her starboard side intact. The deck is nearly vertical. The stern sets in 240' [73.2m] the bow sits in 260' [79.2m]. The site is in an impeccable state of preservation akin to swimming through a toppled 1927 hardware store. There are incredible sites to behold the entire breadth of the site, but a “world class” dive can be had limiting oneself to the stern above 200’ [61m]. One could dedicate a summer to exploring her. She is the finest shipwreck, of over 300, that I have personally visited. She is well worth the significant logistics required to do so.

Highlights: Large open holds, as well as, the adjacent lake bottom contain general goods including rolls of Lifesaver candy (wrappers still legible), Wheel, Compass, Binnacle, Skylights, Air Intakes, Yawl, Davits, Furniture, Propeller, Rudder, Telegraph, Masts and Rigging, Engine/Machinery, Donkey Boiler, Deck houses...

Dive Depth ft [m]: 180'-260' [54.9-79.2]


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