2-Mast Schooner Kate Eccles

Body of Water: Lake Ontario

Site Quality: Gold Stars

Port Bow of the Eccles

Vessel Type: 2-Mast Schooner

Built: 1877 by William Jameson at Mill Point, Ontario, CA

Length x Beam x Depth ft [m]: 95' x 24.5'x 9.5'   [29.0] x [7.47] x [2.90]

Tonnage: 122 Gross

Official Number: 75911

Other Names: None

Loss Details:

Foundered off Timber Island; no lives lost. Vessel was bound with coal from Oswego, NY, for Napanee, Ont. at time of loss.

Date of Loss: Tuesday, November 28, 1922

Location of Loss: Timber Island, ON CAD

Site Details:

The ECCLES sits upright and intact on a hard bottom.

Highlights: Anchor off starboard side, windlass, dead eyes, intact cabin, pottery, glassware, jars of preseves, wheel, rudder.

Dive Depth ft [m]: 90'-100' [51.8-56.4]


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