Frieghter Lakeland

Body of Water: Lake Michigan

Site Quality: Gold Stars

Port Side of the Lakeland

Vessel Type: Frieghter

Built: 1887 at Cleveland, Ohio USA

Length x Beam x Depth ft [m]: 280' x 40' x 20'   [85.3] x [12.2] x [6.1]

Tonnage: 2425 Gross, 1813 Net

Official Number: 126420

Other Names: Cambria

Loss Details:

Sprang a leak and sank off the Sturgen Bay Ship Canal (scuttled).

Date of Loss: Wednesday, December 3, 1924

Location of Loss: off the Sturgen Bay Ship Canal. Wisconsin USA

Site Details:

Site lies upright on a hard bottom. She is split amidships, which exposes all decks on the bow half.

Highlights: Holds are full of 1929 Nash automobiles. Engine room.

Dive Depth ft [m]: 170'-200' [51.8-61.0]


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