Package Friegter Grecian

Body of Water: Lake Huron

Site Quality: Gold Stars

Site Plan by Thunder Bay Marine National Sanctuary

Vessel Type: Package Frieghter

Built: 1891 Globe Iron Works, Cleveland, Ohio USA

Length x Beam x Depth ft [m]: 296.2' x 40.3'x 21.1'   [90.28] x [12.28] x [6.43]

Tonnage: 2348.43 Gross, 1875.23 Net

Official Number: 86136

Other Names: None

Loss Details:

On June 7, 1906 the Grecian struck a rock and sank in shallow water at Detour Village in the St. Mary’s River. The ship was later refloated and taken in tow by the steamer Sir Henry Bessemer, en route to Detroit for repairs. Unexpectedly, it filled with water and sank near Thunder Bay Island. Its crew escaped in lifeboats. Attempts to salvage her in 1909 were unsucessful

Date of Loss: Friday, June 15, 1906

Location of Loss: Off Tunder Bay Island near Alpena, Michigan USA

Site Details:

The Grecian sits upright and intact with the exception of the midships.

Highlights: engine room, windlass, prop and rudder, steel canalon off stern (from salvage attempts).

Dive Depth ft [m]: 80'-100' [24.4-30.5]


Great Lakes Maritime Collection; Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Site Plan by Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

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