Bulk Carrier John J. Boland

Body of Water: Lake Erie

Site Quality: Gold Stars

archive image of the Boland

Vessel Type: Bulk Carrier

Built: 1928 at New Castle, England

Length x Beam x Depth ft [m]: 252.8' x 43.3'x 17.7'   [77.05] x [13.20] x [5.40]

Tonnage: 1939 Gross, 1149 Net

Official Number: 149467

Other Names: Tyneville

Loss Details:

While bound from Erie for Hamilton, Ontario CA, heeled over in a sudden squall and sank in about 4 minutes. 4 lives lost.
A detailed article was published on the John J. Boland by the Toronto Maritime Society in Volume 21 No. 4 of their monthly bulletin which I have included a link to the original archive copy of under the below bibliography heading.
For the convenience of those reading this, here is a link to an assembled pdf of the article entitled JOHN J. BOLAND REVISITED.

Date of Loss: Wednesday, October 5, 1932

Location of Loss: Off Barcelona, NY USA

Site Details:

The Boland is completely intact. Lies on her starboard side, which is entirely sub bottom. This site is an excellent example of a well preserved great lakes shipwreck, certainly worth the time of even the most seasoned shipwreck explorer, and thanks to Osprey Charters and thier close proximity to U.S. Interstate Highway I-90, she is a relatively easy to access dive site. Last note, for decades she has additionally served as a right of passage for divers transitioning into deep cold water diving. As a veteran of nearly 3 dozen dives on her, the Boland has and will uncover all of the probelms with the gear and skill set of those that choose to visit her.

Highlights: Prop, rudder, and skeg. Aft cabins. Life boat davits. Deck Winches. Large open holds. Wheelhouse. Port holes.

Dive Depth ft [m]: 90'-135' [27.4-41.1]


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