Battleship SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm

Body of Water: Atlantic Ocean - Scapa Flow

Site Quality: Gold Stars

Site by

Vessel Type: Battleship - Dreadnought - König class

Launched: February 21, 1914 by Germania at Kiel, Germany

Length x Beam x Depth ft [m]: 575.5' x 96.8'x 29.5'   [175.4] x [29.5] x [9.0]

Tonnage: 28,600 Gross

Official Number: 182

Other Names: Kronprinz

Loss Details:

Scuttled in a coordinated effort deemed "The Grand Scuttle" along with seventy-four other German war ships, which had been interned at Scapa Flow for seven months during peace negotiations at the end of World War I. Fifty-two of these ships made it to the bottom.

Date of Loss: June 21, 1919

Location of Loss: Gutter Sound, Scapa Flow, Orkney, Scotland

Site Details:

The Kronprinz Wilhelm is inverted (turtled) on a soft bottom. The 12" [30.5 cm] guns can be viewed by swimming "under the inverted deck". She is heavily salvaged {*}, including her external armor plating, yet a tremendous piece of history. The oportunity to stare down the barrels of guns that fired in anger during the battle of Jutland alone is compelling. As the site is enormus and the visibility and light levels are low, I highly recommened studying the above linked site rendering as part of your pre-dive plan.

Highlights: Armament: 30.5 cm (12.0"), 15 cm (6.0"), 8.8 cm (3.5") cannons; rudders, marine life.

Dive Depth ft [m]: 40'-130' [12-39.6]


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{*} The following reference affords details on the early salvage efforts at Scapa Flow. It only briefly mentions the remaining (not raised) warships, including the Kronprinz Wilhelm, and the 1970's scrap metal salvage efforts on page 183 (so this is more FYI than a reference on the PW).
Both, Tony; "Cox's Navy - Salvaging the Gernan High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow"; p. 183, Pen & Sword Maritime 2005; ISBN 978 1 84884 552 7

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