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Lake Michigan

June 6, 2014

Southern Lake Michigan Trip Highlights
May 24-26, 2014

Photos from a Memorial Day Weekend diving excursion....

Greenlands Trail - Grose Moines National Park

Sept 8, 2012

Newfoundland Trip
August 11-25, 2012

Photos from a 14 day excursion to Newfoundland....

Frankfurt, Germany

July 24, 2012

Highlights from a Week in Germany
July 16-21, 2012

Stopped in four German cities during a remote work week....

Wreck of the Steamer Pelinaion -- Sank 1939

Highlights from  Bermuda Trip
December 17-26, 2011

Photos from a end of the year junket to the "Isle of Devils".

Cathedral Rock

John Day River Trip
July 5-7, 2011

Photos from a 3-day, 35 mile float down the John Day River, Oregon.

Dolphin Near the Anchor Wreck

Charleston, SC Trip Highlights
May 27-30, 2011

Photos from a long Memorial Day Weekend of diving off of Charleston, SC.

Naples Pier

Florida Trip Highlights
December 18, 2010 - January 3 2011

Photos from a 3800 mile, year end respite from the frozen North....

Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico Highlights
December 29, 2010 - January 2, 2011

Photos from an excursion aboard the live aboard vessel "Ultimate Getaway" Fort Myers Beach, Florida....

Argentine Flag Flies over City Center

Buenos Aries, Argentina Highlights
November 25-December 3, 2010

Spent my free time, during a work related excursion, strolling about Argentina's Beautiful Capital City....

Wolfe Islander III at Kingston

Kingston Trip Highlights
October 8-11, 2010

Photos from a run to Kingston, Ontario for a long Canadian Thanksgiving weekend of diving and paddling.

Frieghter Manitowoc Passing under the Mackinac Bridge, Downbound

Straights of Mackinac Highlights
July 30-August 2, 2010 

A long weekend spent at the convergence of Lakes Huron and Michigan. Saint Ignace, Michigan.

Group Photo Aboard the Casey D. Paradise, Michigan

Whitefish Point - Southeastern Lake Superior
July 25-30, 2010

A week long deep diving expedition to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Sunset Viewed from Port Austin, Michigan

Highlights from Michigan's Thumb - Western Lake Huron
July 10-11, 2010 

Photos from a weekend of diving aboard the Sylvia Ann out of Harbor Beach, Michigan.

Sunset over Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Highlights from Milwaukee Trip - Western Lake Michigan - June 18-20, 2010 

Photos from a long weekend of diving from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Truth Moored at Albert's Point

Highlights from Santa Cruz Island Trip - Pacific Ocean - May 28-June 01, 2010 

Photos from a long weekend of diving off of Santa Barbara, California.

Captain's Lady Docked on the Newport River

Beaufort, North Carolina --  March 2010

Photos from a long weekend of diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic off of Beaufort, North Carolina.

Ocala National Forest

Highlights from a Year End Getaway to Florida -- December 20, 2009 - January 1, 2010

Escaped a blizzard in order to embark on a 3800 mile round trip canoeing and diving adventure.

River Otter on Upper Broad Creek

New Bern, North Carolina --  Thanksgiving Weekend 2009

Diving options washed out due to high winds, we fell back on our Kayaking contingency, exploring the water trails of New Bern.


Group Photo at Whitefish Point - Paradise, Michigan

Whitefish Point - Southeastern Lake Superior
July 25-31, 2009

A week long deep diving expedition to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Labor Day Weekend 2008 - Western Lake Huron
August 30 - September 1, 2008

A last minute run to the top of the thumb of Michigan.

Mike and Greg relaxing at Port Austin, Michigan

July 4th Weekend 2008 - Western Lake Huron
July 4 - 6, 2008

A weekend diving aboard the Virtual Reality from Harbor Beach, Michigan.

Ed Noga atop Poas Volcano

Costa Rica 2008 Trip Gallery
 (Jan. 26 - Feb. 6, 2008)

Costa Rica Land and Sea Explorations from Tortugero National Park to the East to Cocos Island to the West .

Dale Kreiner, Jack Papes, James Moseley

Whitefish Point - Southeastern Lake Superior
July 13-16, 2007

A long weekend's deep diving expedition to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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